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Caveman Training

Our Caveman Training class will be based around strength & conditioning. During this session our members will be working with short rep ranges workIng on strength & power, using bodyweight and equipment such as ropes, D balls, barbells, kettle bells and prowlers.

After a short rest the class will then take pan in the conditioning section of the class which may include, loaded carries, weighted runs, sledge hammers on tyre and tyre flips etc. This class Is great for the individual who wants to build speed, strength and power.

Caveman Training is a total body workout and if nutrition is on point there will be great changes in body composition!

What is Caveman Training?

The caveman is often seen as a symbol of wild manhood and virility. This workout is designed to push you to achieve your inner caveman (or woman!) by pushing you to the absolute limits of your physical potential and back again showing you new boundaries you never knew existed and then crashing through them ruthlessly!