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Team Strength & Fitness

Our Team Strength & Fitness session is a workout designed with two or more people in a team. Partners can be paired either male/female or both of the same sex.
The workout can consist of two exercises or more.

The best thing about a team workout is you get a breather. Some workouts require only one person to do an exercise while the other rests. This is where you take full advantage of the rest time so you can go 100% when it’s your turn. Other workouts require both people doing an exercise at the same time.

As well as being fun, team workouts bring a different dynamic to your routine. You have to work with someone else in a team. You’re encouraging your team-mate throughout the whole workout plus you still have to do your best but you also need to help your partner be his/her best.

Depending on the exercise, this is also a great time to gauge your technique and make any necessary improvements. Plus its a lot of fun!