Without a doubt the most driven & supportive team I could be a part of. Everyone at York Performance is there to better themselves & it shows in every single session. We don’t take eachother or ourselves too seriously but always get the work done. Jonny’s patience, dedication & expertise as a coach has won the members, including myself, a number of competitions which reflects just a fraction of his hard work. York Performance is the healthiest environment I’ve been in, with focus on strength, performance and good nutrition to compliment our training (and we only talk about food for half the session lol ) What I love most about York Performance is that we’re always looking towards the next level. We celebrate our successes then work hard to achieve something bigger. That’s what keeps it interesting.

Sarah McErlain

I’ve been training with York performance for 6 years and I’m constantly challenged and always improving. I’ve progressed from never lifting a weight to inclusion in the Irish National Powerlifting team. Jonny adapts the sessions to suit whatever level you may be at, whether you are competing or just starting out. And I swear he never shouts at me, ever.

Julie Kearney

I started training at York Performance about 6 years ago. Within that time Jonny has helped me maintain my weight and overall health with nutrition plans and advice. My strength and fitness continues to improve with encouragement from Jonny and motivation from other members of the gym. One of the great things about York Performance is that no two sessions are the same, We are constantly learning new skills and pushed to our limits every week.The gym has a great atmosphere were you are given the support to achieve great results. I would highly recommend York Performance…Great training with great people.

Paul Walls

Prior to commencing on the 6 week beginner programme at York performance I attended many classes such as spin or circuits for several years. My motivation to exercise was lacking. I missed many a class. Initially I thought I wouldn’t be fit enough to attend classes at York performance however I was very wrong! Jonny is excellent at recognising individual fitness levels and guides us in ensuring correct technique is used to get the best out of each class! For years I was doing a simple squat wrong unto Jonny showed me correct way! Jonny’s classes are different every time, I never get bored and my motivation to exercise has soared! So much so that I am continuing the 6 week beginner programme for a third time!! I can’t believe how my body shape has changed even after the first 6 weeks!! I can’t recommend this enough!! Just go for it!!

Diane McGarvey