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York get the throwdown at Tullamore

Another great day competing, this time down @midlandsthrowdown in @crossfit_tullamore

York Performance had 3 coaches competing in 3 different categories.

Paul Walls (scaled masters).
From the start of the competition, Paul set the pace for the other competitors with a new 1RM in his clean at 107.5kg. He hit 51 calories on the assault bike in 2 minutes, coming in joint first place after Event 1. Everyone who trains at York Performance and trains with Paul knows his fitness is on another level and his mentality is second to none…that’s what won him the competition!
While other competitors took breaks, Paul never let up! As a gym, we are so chuffed for Paul as he trains relentlessly while being a husband, daddy of 2 and a partner in his own business (in a very physical job). How he stays consistent in his training is remarkable. Well deserved win for a great fella. Well done Paul!

Sarah McErlain (Ladies Intermediate).
Sarah had, without a doubt, the toughest job of the day. The ladies division was the toughest I have ever seen in intermediate level. Sarah started well with a new 1RM in the clean @ 72.5kg and 44 cals in 2 minutes on the assault bike.
👉The standard was that good one girl hit an impressive 92.5kg other clean.👈

We all know Sarah is fit, strong and dedicated to working hard both in and outside the gym, but when anyone is competing and sees that standard put in front of you it’s so easy to crumble and admit defeat. However, Sarah showed mental strength and determination on the competition floor which made the difference and put Sarah into a well drserved 3rd place.
Well done Sarah, impressive from start to finish as always!

Jonny York (Intermediate master)
I won by 1 point
(by the skin of my teeth lol)

Massive thanks to the organisers at the @midlandsthrowdown throwdown, great competition, great judges, great pizza, really well run competition and the workouts were brutal. Best run competition we have attended yet. Well done @crossfit_tullamore

Charity Event – Angel Wishes NI Foundation

Hey all, we are gonna run a charity event in the gym at the end of September to raise money for the Angel wishes NI foundation in memory of local child Ollie Higgins who lost his life to cancer last month.

Angel Wishes NI are run by volunteers and 100% of all money raised goes directly to providing treats and trips for the children. Memories last forever.

Angel Wishes NI done alot for Ollie and the family during Ollie’s chemo therapy, they take the kids to the cinema, the zoo, to see Santa and days out with their partners. Basically helping the kids and family have a normal fun day out.

We will run an in house competition for members and friends of the gym.

We will draw the teams out of a hat, a couple of weeks before the competition I will release the teams. Then for a few session we will get the teams together and complete a few partner workouts so we can get used to one another.

👉those that have competed before might be asked to judge when there not competing
👉There will be 2 in a team.
👉There will be 2 levels of athlete
(scaled and intermediate)
👉Weight will be set for each level of athlete on the day so it will keep it as even as possible.

Remember, this will be a bit fun for us and also to try and raise as much money as possible for a great cause that is so close to our home.

💥Let me know within the next 2 weeks if you wanna take part so I can get things going on my end.

If you know any local business that your in with or know that would like to donate something for a raffle would be great.

PM me or say ” I’m in” on this post and I’ll put your name down for the in house event.

If anyone has any questions let me know

Does your confidence stop you from making decisions in life that could really make a difference?

Does your confidence stop you from making decisions in life that could really make a difference? Whether it be in training, relationships, job opportunities or anything in life for that matter?

👉Of course it does👈

🙌That’s because YOU’RE NORMAL!🙌

It is unbelievable to me how many people get in touch with us every week about starting at York Performance and feel they are not good enough, not experienced enough, not fit enough or just feel they couldn’t do it.

💥Who has ever started attending any gym knowing everything?
💥Who has ever started a new job and not been nervous?
💥Who has ever started their own business, bought their first house, or car and not thought to themselves “am I wise?”

When it comes to training:
👉We never feel we are good enough
👉We never feel we are worthy enough
👉We never feel confident enough
👉We never feel strong or fit enough.


👉Because we compare ourselves to other people!

A good friend of my wife told her she once said this to someone and it’s great advice
👉“you do you and I’ll do me”👈

Meaning – don’t compare yourself to anybody, ever! It’s your journey, not theirs. They might have more ability regarding Strength + Fitness and if they do…so what, fair play.
Use it as MOTIVATION and be inspired! Remember our attitude should be “if they can then I can”!

You have to think of your own journey
“how far have I come?”
From your first day stepping foot into any gym until now:
💥How much has your body changed?
💥How much stronger are you?
💥How much fitter are you?
💥How much healthier are you?
💥How much more happier are you?



Men’s Strength Camp



👉Do you need a new challenge?
👉Do you feel tired and sluggish?
👉Find it hard to get motivated?
👉Can’t keep up with the kids?

🙌Join these other men and push each other to achieve your goals.
🙌Start at Any Level
Whether you are a total beginner or have lifted before, we guide you right through this program.


For years we have helped men from late 20’s to mid 50’s to become the strongest, fittest and happiest they have ever been by using our unique training methods to get them where they want to be, faster!

👉Too many men these days get to a point where they stop training or retire from the sport they played for years because of injury, work, family commitments or they have just lost motivation and now do nothing. Some may have never trained in their lives. At York Performance we want this to change!🙌

When we stop training:
💥We miss out on the social aspect.
💥Training releases stress. (Which we lose)
💥 When we stop training, we become a shadow of the men we used to be.
💥We let little things get on top of us and get annoyed at things that never used to annoy us.
💥We start feeling older than we are.


The Mens Only Strength Camp will consist of:

8 weeks of progressive training
3 sessions a week
Before and after each 8 week block we have our own unique strength test to track your progression and make sure you are on target to getting where you want be.
Nutritional guidance. Lose fat, build muscle with our simple to follow food guides.
Encouragement from the rest of the lads whatever your goals are and without any judgement.

💥Everyones goals may be different.💥
You might want to lose weight
 Get stronger
Want a new challenge
Simply start training again
Or start training for the first time.

It doesn’t matter. We achieve it together!

The Men Only Strength Camp starts Tuesday the 3rd of September at 6.00am.

Sessions are:
Tuesday 6.00am
Thursday 6.00am
Friday 7.00am

If this sounds like something you want involved , click the link below and let the fun begin👊

Lacking Motivation To Train?

💥 Give this a read, hope it helps 💥

We all know what it feels like to go to the gym and have little to no motivation to do anything and we leave frustrated because we achieved nothing.

👉You know what…THAT’S NORMAL! 🙌

Every week I train by myself and I have the same mental battle, “just pick up the barbell and go”. I usually get the session done but it’s a struggle. There is no reason why anyone should have this problem these days as we are spoilt with many gyms that provide group training.
Personally, my favourite session of the week is our 7.00am Saturday morning session where I get to train with a group of friends which I have trained with for the last number of years; that are motivated and are driven to get better and learn in all aspects of their strength and fitness. This brings the best out of me.👊

Training with people that are motivated and like-minded to you is going to benefit you in achieving your goals and will help you to be more consistent with your training. Training in a group of like-minded people will motivate you and inspire you to be the best you can be. If someone in the group is fitter, stronger and faster than you are, then learn from them and be inspired to be as good as they are. Our attitude should be, “well if they can do that, why cant I?”

Results are easier to achieve when you feel accountable to someone and group of hard working friends provide that.

Don’t feel intimated, embarrassed or scared to start your Strength + Fitness journey. We have all been there and anyone that has started their journey only has one regret… that they didn’t start sooner!

Switch that mind set and get into the gym. Be motivated, inspired and feed off the group atmosphere. Start enjoying your training, make new friends and become a new you!👊


Ladies who lift program’

💥Feel Out of shape, bloated & tired?
💥Lack confidence at work or when out with friends ?
💥Do you just want to blend into the background when you’re in a group?
💥Suffer with stress at work or at home?
💥Do you need change?
💥Do you need help to do something?

Unfortunately, that’s life as we know it and thats what we see as normality.

👉Eat good food = feeling good.
👉Exercise = Confidence .
👉Training with like minded ladies = friendship, laughs and community.


‘Ladies who lift’ is an all female strength and conditioning program.
It will consist of:
👊Teaching the group how to lift weights with proper technique
👊Increase their strength physically and mentally
👊Take their confidence to a new level
👊Introduce the group into new training methods we use here at York Performance


All Ladies who want to work hard
Ladies who want to join a group of fun and motivated ladies, with 1 goal in common
…… to better themselves

I know what your thinking “I couldn’t do that I’m not fit enough! or “I wouldn’t have a clue!
Or “I’m too old for that”

👉At York Performance We don’t seek perfection

We don’t want to be like anyone else

Just the best version of you will do great.👈

We have helped many ladies with zero experience and zero confidence to train hard and have fun doing it while increasing their confidence inside and outside the gym.

OUR NEW Ladies who lift program starts on the 22nd of July

This is a 6 week program.

It consists of 2 session a week.

We have 2 different groups, AM & PM

Morning sessions are Wednesday and Friday at 9.30am


We have only 0 spaces left in the evening group and 4 in the morning group.

If your keen on this program click the link below and make a start on your new journey to a new empowered you.