2019 is a year to remember at York Performance

2019 is a year to remember at York Performance

Thank you to everyone who entered York Performance in 2019 and for making 2019 such a special year for the gym.

👉From opening our doors and welcoming new members into the gym and helping them hit new levels in their strength and Fitness.

👉Designing new programs / classes for the public and expanding our timetable.

👉Running a charity event for a special cause and a such a special young man. Thank you to all members and the general public for making it such a success.

👉It was great to see our Members entering competitions, representing York Performance and placing in those competitions.

👉Expanding our coaching team.

🙌The most enjoyable thing this year for me, has been watching the members of York Performance train so hard as a team, having a laugh while doing it while getting stonger and fitter in the process.

Can’t wait for 2020 – it’s gonna be a big one! Julie Kearney will be hitting the World Championship in Power Lifting and Sarah McErlain will be hitting the intermediate European Championship; with the rest our members setting their goals to smash in 2020.

To all members, START SETTING YOUR GOALS! Make the year 2020 count👊



paulgormley - Author