Charity Event – Angel Wishes NI Foundation

Charity Event – Angel Wishes NI Foundation

Hey all, we are gonna run a charity event in the gym at the end of September to raise money for the Angel wishes NI foundation in memory of local child Ollie Higgins who lost his life to cancer last month.

Angel Wishes NI are run by volunteers and 100% of all money raised goes directly to providing treats and trips for the children. Memories last forever.

Angel Wishes NI done alot for Ollie and the family during Ollie’s chemo therapy, they take the kids to the cinema, the zoo, to see Santa and days out with their partners. Basically helping the kids and family have a normal fun day out.

We will run an in house competition for members and friends of the gym.

We will draw the teams out of a hat, a couple of weeks before the competition I will release the teams. Then for a few session we will get the teams together and complete a few partner workouts so we can get used to one another.

πŸ‘‰those that have competed before might be asked to judge when there not competing
πŸ‘‰There will be 2 in a team.
πŸ‘‰There will be 2 levels of athlete
(scaled and intermediate)
πŸ‘‰Weight will be set for each level of athlete on the day so it will keep it as even as possible.

Remember, this will be a bit fun for us and also to try and raise as much money as possible for a great cause that is so close to our home.

πŸ’₯Let me know within the next 2 weeks if you wanna take part so I can get things going on my end.

If you know any local business that your in with or know that would like to donate something for a raffle would be great.

PM me or say ” I’m in” on this post and I’ll put your name down for the in house event.

If anyone has any questions let me know

paulgormley - Author