Lacking Motivation To Train?

Lacking Motivation To Train?

💥 Give this a read, hope it helps 💥

We all know what it feels like to go to the gym and have little to no motivation to do anything and we leave frustrated because we achieved nothing.

👉You know what…THAT’S NORMAL! 🙌

Every week I train by myself and I have the same mental battle, “just pick up the barbell and go”. I usually get the session done but it’s a struggle. There is no reason why anyone should have this problem these days as we are spoilt with many gyms that provide group training.
Personally, my favourite session of the week is our 7.00am Saturday morning session where I get to train with a group of friends which I have trained with for the last number of years; that are motivated and are driven to get better and learn in all aspects of their strength and fitness. This brings the best out of me.👊

Training with people that are motivated and like-minded to you is going to benefit you in achieving your goals and will help you to be more consistent with your training. Training in a group of like-minded people will motivate you and inspire you to be the best you can be. If someone in the group is fitter, stronger and faster than you are, then learn from them and be inspired to be as good as they are. Our attitude should be, “well if they can do that, why cant I?”

Results are easier to achieve when you feel accountable to someone and group of hard working friends provide that.

Don’t feel intimated, embarrassed or scared to start your Strength + Fitness journey. We have all been there and anyone that has started their journey only has one regret… that they didn’t start sooner!

Switch that mind set and get into the gym. Be motivated, inspired and feed off the group atmosphere. Start enjoying your training, make new friends and become a new you!👊


paulgormley - Author